Q. Are there currently plots available?photo joe strawberries
A. All plots are currently taken. Please use our contact form to get in touch if you are interested in joining our waiting list.

Q. How do I become a member of Kirknewton Allotments Association?
A. To become a member you need to sign up to the KAA terms and conditions (available on our documents download page) and pay an annual membership fee currently set at £5.

Q. What size are the plots?
A. The standard size is approximately 90 square metres, however some smaller plots are available for those seeking a more manageable plot and a few slightly larger plots are available too.

Q. Where are the plots located?
A. See our location map for details.

Q. When can I join the association?
A. New members are welcome any time! Plot fee renewals are invoiced each year on April 1st. Plot fees are pro-rated based on when new members join. For example, if you take out a lease on. a standard plot on 1st October, the pro-rated fee would be £30 initially. Subsequent renewals each April thereafter would be £60.

Q. Can I share a plot with a friend?
A. No problem – dual tenancies are absolutely fine.

Q. Are there rules and regulations I need to observe as a plot holder?
A. Yes, the KAA rules and regulations can be found here.